Cho Gochujang

Korean sauce/ Paste

Cho Gochujang is indispensable in Korean cooking. It’s a combination of Gochujang (chilli pepper paste), vinegar and sesame seeds.

  • 100% Korean
  • Delicious as a dip sauce with a lettuce wrap
  • Gives a kick to your Taco

Korean cooking is known for its ‘sharing is caring’ principle; Korean food is at its best when it’s shared with others. Mix and match different Korean dishes to experience the real taste of Korean cooking!

What makes Korean cooking different from surrounding Asian countries is its use of Doenjang (soybean paste), Gochujang (chilli pepper paste) or a combination of these. These  ingredients make Korean cooking special and unique!

Contents and weight

300 grams


Chilli paste (86%): (water, glucose syrup, corn syrup with a high fructose content, WHEAT FLOUR, chilli powder, salt, rice, sugar, SOYBEANS, alcohol, garlic, lactic acid (E270), yeast extract, onion, seed malt), sugar vinegar, citric acid (E330), garlic, SESAME, plum extract.


Allergy information

Contains wheat (gluten), sesame seeds and soy.


Shake well before using. Refrigerate after opening.

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