Korean BBQ Bulgogi Beef

Korean sauce/ Paste

Beef Bulgogi – grilled, marinated beef – is a Korean classic. It’s delicious and easy to make.

  • 100% Korean
  • Marinade for beef
  • Suitable for a Korean barbeque

Chung Jung One Bulgogi Sauce is a marinade based on sweet soy. The addition of ripe pears ensures that the meat becomes deliciously tender and gives the dish its characteristic sweetness.

Beef Bulgogi is often eaten in combination with Korean side-dishes such as kimchi (a typically Korean side-dish made from fermented vegetables), a bimbimbap (rice dish) and other meat dishes. Great for sharing with each other. Mix and match different Korean dishes to experience the real taste of Korean cooking!

What makes Korean cooking different from other surrounding Asian countries is its use of Doenjang (soybean paste), Gochujang (chilli pepper paste) or a combination of these. These ingredients make Korean cooking special and unique!

* In fermentation, bacteria, moulds or yeasts convert substances in a product so as to change its acidity, flavour, smell or appearance. This process is also called fermenting. Fermenting changes the food, making some products more digestible. Or some substances are converted into others. For example, in yogurt, fermenting converts the milk sugar lactose into lactic acid.

Contents and weight

280 grams


SOY sauce (34%)(water, salt, SOYWHEATOYSTER extracts, yeast extracts) glucose syrup with a high fructose content, sugar, water, pear, apple, garlic, flavour enhancers: E621, E627, E631, alcohol (1%), salt, pineapple, kiwi, black pepper, citric acid, red wine, xanthan gum, mono-and diglycerides, guar gum.


Allergy information

Contains shellfish, wheat (gluten)and soy.


Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening.

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