Soy sauce

Korean sauce/ Paste

Soy sauce is Korean traditional seasonings made from soybeans that undergo a natural fermentation process. Today, fermented foods are increasingly attracting attention the world over their proven health benefits. Chungjungone (Jin) soy sauce is made from natural mineral water pumped from a depth of 200meters in Sunchang, which is famous for traditional Korean fermented sauces. Chungjungone (Jin) soy sauce is naturally matured containing no amino acid, preserves, caramel color, MSG, sugar at all.

Soy sauce is used a lot in Korean meals such as stir-fried dishes of vegetables, meat, seafood, and noodles.

Contents and weight

200 ml / 500 ml / 840 ml / 1,7 liter


Water(54%), sea salt, defatted soybean, wheat, fructose, spirits, yeast extracts, oyster extracts, sodium inosinate, Licorice extracts, stevioside, seed malt, vitagen

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